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Our Purpose

Sustainable recycling for a better future.

Our purpose is to reduce the carbon footprint in our world while providing our clients with top tier secondary aluminum alloys, making our mission to better the environment for a brighter future.

With 30 years of experience, AMISSA is one of the most important aluminum recyclers in Mexico, exceptional quality is the foundation of our business, that is why we have adapted the latest 4.0 technology for the preparation of alloys, this has allowed us to achieve a consistent and controlled production process.

We produce a wide variety of secondary aluminum alloys (380, 413, 356, 319, ADC12, DM104) serving different industries such as the automotive, electrical, and home appliances.

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Produce top tier secondary aluminum alloys, through the recycling of scrap and aluminum by-products, thereby collaborating with the sustainable development of the planet and reducing the carbon footprint of our customer's products.



To be a company that bases its success on the generation of social welfare through the manufacture and commercialization of aluminum products that the future demands, to positively impact people's lives and thus the environment.

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We seek to constantly support our collaborators, customers, suppliers and shareholders. We honor and thank all the people and institutions that recognize Amissa as an ally, hoping that this treatment will be reciprocal.



We strive to reach a common goal, prioritizing the team's objectives over personal interests. Teamwork strengthens us, multiplies our resources, generates greater value than individual work; a philosophy of putting all of our talents at the service of others, contributes to the development of a better work community and overall a better society.



We at AMISSA aim to reflect in our actions everything we think and feel, always having as a basis for action a right intention to achieve a common good, so that we are identified as trustworthy people.

Molten Metal in Foundry



We strive to fulfill our everyday tasks and commitments made with our clients, knowing that we must make ourselves accountable for the results promised to our stakeholders.



We recognize, accept and value the different qualities of others as well as their rights. We tolerate different ways of thinking, without offending or discriminating. We treat people with the dignity they deserve. 


Continuous Improvement

We aim to build a creative atmosphere where innovative problem solving is encouraged and where all of our stakeholders share the vision of indentifing and reduce waste in every business processes.   

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